Andreas Kapsner

Andi works at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, where he leads a research project funded by the German Research Foundation. His main areas of research are logic and the philosophy of language, topics about which he lectures around the world and wrote many papers and a book. He also works on media theory, political philosophy and ethics. In the spring of 2014, his paper On Guilt and Innocence was read publicly in the Vatican, which he thinks is pretty cool. Besides logic and philosophy, he studied indology and holds a PhD in cognitive science.
As a founding member of, Andi tries to funnel purely theoretical background knowledge into processes that make it accessible and exploitable for various interdisciplinary shenanigans. In particular, he finds that the philosophical analysis of possible worlds and counterfactual statements ties in closely with world building processes in modern media production. On the practical side, he produces movies with, such as the documentary about Japanese chess, Shogi.
He also represented Germany in the most important international Shogi tournament in Japan in 2008 and 2014, which, again, he thinks is pretty cool.